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Priam Cyber AI is a startup combining decades of experience
in incident response, data science and machine learning.

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on average
alerts received daily by
the security ops team

24/7 Cybersecurity
Operation Center

Our Virtual Analyst SOC platform combined with
SOC services delivers unique cost effect solutions.

  • Real Time Training
  • Six Sigma for SOC
  • Reduce cognitive load


of alerts are
simply never triaged
  • Alert Management
  • Incident Response Platform
  • Your SOC bot for automation

Why choose Priam Cyber AI

Security Operations have an incredible amount of choice nowadays in terms of technological products for incident response, however they lack a strong foundation in methodologies and processes to support their workflows.

Deploy anywhere: cloud and on premise.

Scale dynamically from small to large companies.

Train your workforce on the job and retain your knowledge.

Leverage privacy based knowledge database to share playbooks.

AVA platform

AVA Platform

AI Driven Cyber Security Virtual Analyst

Sustain your cyber security operations by making them scalable, cost effective and more efficient against cyber threats.

AVA dashboard

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