24/7 Cybersecurity Operation Center

Cybersecurity is a field that requires 24x7 supervision and dynamic adaptation. Our combined Priam XDR platform with Virtual Analyst SOC delivers a unique cost effective solution. AEU: Virtual SOC Analyst or Virtual Analyst SOC

  • Endpoint Telemetry
  • Investigation & Automation
  • Your SOC Ally
  • Facilitates compliance
  • Cyberinsurance integration
  • Evolving Detection

The Priam Approach

Expand Threat Surface

Both semi and non supervised detection allows AVA to reach across a larger surface area and Triage alerts to determine attacks vs noise

Grow without expanding human capital

Enable your team’s to grow more efficiently with heightened virtual analyst coverage alongside Just in time training that delivers contextualized lessons to human analysts when it matters most. Enables continuous and iterative training on the job avoiding downtime required to upskill the knowledge of the analysts.

Reduce Alert Fatigue

Reduce tool alerts with AVA constantly filtering and researching potential risks before raising them with the team.

Cyber Insurance

Cyber insurance is a risk transfer mechanism and an important part of an effective cyber strategy. Organizations have insurance for other hazards such as flood, fire, hurricane and other threats but rarely consider cyber insurance as important. In general, cyber insurance will pay for business interruption, data exfiltration and regulatory costs.

Cyber Risk Quantification

Business Interruption Costs

Data Exfiltration Costs

Forensics Investigations

Regulatory Costs

Media Liability


Why Choose Priam

If tools alone were enough to solve the problem, they would have by now. This is an operational problem that needs to be solved, and that’s what Priam AI delivers.

  • Access to Expertise
  • Strategic Guidance
  • Continuous Improvement

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